Maintenance of PVC covers

We carry out inspections for routine maintenance diagnosis , or preventive, to keep the product in perfect working order . The scheduled maintenance is agreed with timing and methods that respond to the needs, environment and work characteristics of the client.

PVC Cover Maintenance is considered a preventive activity, it allows to limit any problems of operation, becoming not a cost but a benefit.

We carry out replacement of PVC sheets at exceptional prices .. !!!

We offer  PVC Cover Maintenance to all our customers ..

The covering tarpaulin is in polyester fabric, coated in PVC on both sides, bilated, with high stability to UV rays, treated against the formation of fungi and molds, reinforced at the points where it is expected a greater wear, in compliance with European legislation “Euroclassi EN 13501-1”. Color: green for the front parts, white for the dome.

  • Weight 720 g / m² .
  • Fire resistance: self-extinguishing BS 2 D 0 (B ESSE DUE DI ZERO) – ex class 2 .
  • Tensile strength: 300 kg / 5 cm, in warp and weft.
  • Resistance to outdoor temperature: + 70 ° C – 30 ° C.

We believe that PVC Roofing Maintenance is to be carried out periodically on your Mobile Tunnels or on roofing